Homemade Software

Name Function RiscOS Status
!Layout PCB design program for manual PCB design
Supports pads, lines, copper, keepouts, multilayer...
designs can be exported as !Draw files.
3.1 or higher PD
Libfile Command line tool for creating ALF (linkable) libraries from AOF files
Functionality and usage are equal to the original libfile programm from Acorn C/C++
Designed to complete the gcc package
3.1 or higher PD
!ShangHeinz Mahjongg with my own set of images 2.0 or higher PD
!Mines Minesweeper 2.0 or higher PD
SNMP Tools Port of the CMU SNMP tools for RiscOS (snmpget, snmpset, snmpwalk...) 3.1 or higher (C) CMU
!Watch Desktop silly: little man in a window watches the mouse pointer 2.0 or higher PD
ResFSUtil Module for loading files into the Resources: filing system
Tiny and very useful on pre-RiscPC machines
3.1 or higher PD
!Boot Use the RiscPC-style !Boot applikation on the old systems
Get the original !Boot from a RiscPC owner (it's on a CD) and copy the contents of the archive over it.
Allows the use of !Upgrader applications.
3.1 or higher PD

Please note:
The above software has been tested and is stable, but may be incomplete.
Use it at your own risk.
Have fun!

20 Oct 1998