Organizer, Version History

This is a list of improvements that have been made since my first version of !Organizer. Credit is given in brackets to the first person who suggested the improvement/noticed the bug:

Version: 1.57 (15 Feb 2003)

Chargable upgrade Version: 1.55 (1 Apr 2001)

Chargable upgrade Version: 1.50 (20 May 2000)

Registered User Version: 1.43 (10 Dec 99)

RISC OS 4 Version: 1.40

This version was released with RISC OS 4 and can be used on RISC OS 4 indefinately, but users of this version who have not registered are not entitled to updates.

Registered User Version: 1.36 (27 Apr 99)

Fixed Version: 1.31 (6 Feb 99)

This revised version includes the Daylight-Savings Time bug fix, which caused the clock to oscillate DST on/off every second on some Sundays.

Version: 1.31 (16 Mar 98)

Name changed to Organizer from Organiser, so that I could reserve the name and a file type.
Also, this version promoted to Shareware status.

Version: 1.26 (16 Nov 97)

Version: 1.25 (9 Oct 97)

Version: 1.20 (27 Oct 97)

Version 1.18 was the first version to be downloaded in any real quantity, and therefore it was the version in which lots of bugs were spotted. The new version has the following improvements:

Version: 1.18 (20 Oct 97)

Version: 1.17 (19 Oct 97)

Version: 1.15 (12 Oct 97)

Version 1.10 (31 Aug 97)

This was the first released version of Organizer. Improvements over version 1.00 which was written for my own use are:

Things To Do

My to-do list as been moved to todo.htm.