Registering Organizer

The application 'Organizer' is Share-Ware. You are free to use Organizer for a period of one month, after which time you must either stop using it, or register your copy with the Author.

Alternatively you can purchase the latest version.

The registration fee is £5, which must be sent to the Author in the form of a cheque, postal order or international money order made payable to 'Chris Morison' and in pounds sterling. If you cannot purchase an International Money Order for less than the equivalent of £5, then you may send the equivalent of £10 cash in your own currency (you may round to the nearest note).

My address is available in Organizer's Help files, or you can e-mail me for it.

The registration fee must be accompanied by a letter containing the following information:

Family name:
First name(s):
Telephone number:
Fax number:
E-Mail address:
Preference for receiving new versions: Post/E-mail/Internet download

Your registration WILL be confirmed by post or e-mail, and I'll also send you Version 1.43.