Organizer: Users' Comments

This document contains just some of the comments and published reviews that I have received about !Organizer since 8th October 1997.

Many commercial programmers would do well to look at this as an example of a simple idea very well implemented. It is the level of thought and the excellent user interface which impress me most...
..My feelings are that this program is far better than many which some companies are trying to sell you.

Mike Tomkinson, writing for Acorn User (April 1998)

"I would like to recommend two pieces of PD software that I would class as excellent, and worthy of a place in anyone's !Boot file...
...The second is a diary/organiser type program. After a recent review of Shedule+ from X-Developments and the release into the PD of !Event, I was looking for something that I classed as better than these offerings because, for my use, both seemed untidy and lacking that special something. After much digging, I came across !Organiser written by Chris Morison. This looks, feels and works very much like the PC Organiser Program."

Dave Wilcox, writing for Archive Magazine (Vol. 11.3)

"Excellent Freeware - I strongly suggest that you have a look at Chris Morison's Organiser. It's one of the best pieces of Freeware I've seen. In fact, it's better than some commercial software, and seems very user friendly and intuitive to use. I'm giving !Event the boot for a start..."

Richard Sterry, writing for Archive Magazine (Vol 11.4)

"One of the perks of working for Acorn was the ability to have Organiser on my icon bar all day. I've yet to find anything as good on the PC."

Phillip Temple, former Acorn employee.

"It's a great program that serves a great purpose"

"I really like this! Apart from looking very good it also seems useful."

"And, as I said, very good it is too. I really don't see how the presentation could be improved - very impressive! I especially liked the '3D' nature of the page turn."

"Looks truly excellent!"

"First impressions are that I like it a lot."

"I'm well impressed by it - it is very nicely presented."

"Yesterday I downloaded your !Organiser program. What a wonderful piece of work it is! I immediately removed the !Alarm application from the !Boot, and embraced your masterpiece instead. It really is a pleasure to work with."

"I just thought I would send you a quick email to say how great I think organiser is. I downloaded it a few days ago expecting it to be quite poor, but was astounded by how good and well thought out it is."

"I got a copy of your !Organiser. This is something that the Acorn platform did not have, keep up the good work on it please, you have got a winner here. Thank you for this program keep up the good work on it."

"Thank you for Organiser. Since I received it it has been resident in my boot sequence. I have always liked to have a clock on the icon bar and have tried out more than a few. The advantages given by all the other features make it more than worth while."

"I have just discovered your program !Organiser and want to tell you how great it is. In the past I used !Almanac from Stallion software but found it rather unreliable."

"I have recently downloaded your Organiser - very nice, one of the best diaries I have tried, thank you."

"I just found Organizer and God Bless you wasn't it a most needed thing!"

"I have just downloaded !Organiser from your web site and started to play with it. It looks pretty impressive, and anything that might bring order into my busy and chaotic life has to be good news!"