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Organizer, Version 1.36

Organizer version 1.36 was the first "Registered user only" version of Organizer, but has since been superceeded by version 1.43. If you register Organizer then you'll benefit from all the following improvements:


Organizer can now print one or both of the pages being viewed.

You can even enter the page size of your hand-held organiser so that the printed pages scale to fit in there nicely!

Help buttons

Notice the little help button in the top right of the adjacent screen-shot.

Clicking on this button will take you directly to the StrongHelp page about printing.

These help buttons are scattered around the program in useful places.

Printing window
Search window

New Search Interface

The new search interface allows a selection of the sections to be searched at the same time, and the search results are displayed in a list, from which the entries can be viewed or edited.

Again, notice the handy help button.

Front Page

The front page is purely cosmetic, but it does look good. Thanks to Pete Goodliffe for designing the graphic, and most of the graphics in Organizer.

Free Memory Display in Icon Bar

Extra fields have been added to the user-definable digital clock so that a free memory display can easily be added to the icon bar, in megabytes or kilobytes, as shown below.

Icon Bar

Front page


The Journal is place to keep a record of your daily thoughts/activities, without them being wastefully stored in your computer's memory all the time.

To create a Journal entry you click on the date in the diary, and your favourite text editor (preferrably one which supports OLE, ie not !Edit) will open a window containing the date, ready for you to start typing. Once you've created a Journal entry, a little text icon will appear in the Diary which can be clicked on to edit/view the entry.

The alarm system can be configured to make a note of old alarms in the Journal before deleting them. What's more, the entire Journal can be searched using the interface above, so you can quickly locate the correct entry.

Phone dialing

Via a single click on a phone number in the Address-Book, organizer can now dial the phone number using either speakers connected to the computer, or a modem.

As you can see, the facility is full of options for dialing from a network, dialing locally, nationally and internationally, withholding your number, etc.

I use this facility to get a bank balance from NatWests Actionline, by making Organizer dial the number, my account number and PIN with the correct pauses. By placing a "~" after the main phone number, all the other details are not displayed in the Address-Book.

Once you've set up the facility correctly, you can make Organizer dial without even opening this window.

Phone dialing


The toolbar allows quick access to the common commands. It can be horizontal or vertical.

Complete list of changes: