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Organizer, Version 1.43

Organizer version 1.40 was released with RISC OS 4 but a few more improvements version 1.43 was made available to all registered users of version 1.36.

Here's some screen-shots of what the new version can do , with a complete list further down this page:

Multi-line digital clock

Digital clock can be split over up to 3 lines

To help you display more information in the digital clock without taking up all the icon bar you can now split the text over 2 or 3 lines.

Week numbers in the diary

Week numbers in the diary

The diary pages now contain week numbers. They can even be given an offset so they can represent the weeks of an academic term, or the financial year, etc.

Modem can be automatically disconnected

Modem auto-disconnection

You can make the modem automatically disconnect once it's finished dialling a phone number. You just have to pick up the phone before the dialling has finished and then you don't have to diconnect the modem manually.

Redesigned Choices window

Window redesigning and menu tidying up

To conform to the RISC OS 4 style guide the Choices window was redesigned, and the menus were tidied up.

Interaction with CallerID

Organizer can now interact with
CallerID in a variety of ways by:
  • letting CallerID take over the dialling.
  • looking up in the address-book or searching the entire data-base for calls you receive or make.
  • loging all incoming or outgoing calls in the Journal (this is useful even without CallerID).
CallerID options

Complete list of changes: