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Organizer, Version 1.50

Version 1.50 was the first chargable upgrade for Organizer, costing only £5 to registered users of version 1.43, or £10 to non-registered users.

Here's some screen-shots of what the new version can do , with a complete list further down this page:

Notes section

The notes section allows you to make any number of textual notes. You can type straight on to the pages. The text of the note can be in any font, size and colour.

Notes can be linked to any address, alarm or anniversary. The picture below shows the small note-link icon next to an anniversary in the Diary section:
Note link

New notes section
proper display of repeating alarms

Proper display of repeating alarms

Repeating alarms are now displayed at all their repeated times in the Diary.

Alarm text split over multiple lines

The alarm text is split over up to 3 lines so the text of long alarms doesn't get too small.

Alarm text split over multiple lines
Alarm templates

Alarm templates

Alarm templates can be defined which make it very easy to set alarms that occur regularly but not to any set pattern.

As you can see from my example, I have template alarms defined for when I arrange a badminton game, for when I'm on duty in my hall of residence, for when there is a redents association meeting, etc.

All these events usually take place at the same time of day and I like them to be a consistent colour, but I don't know what date they will be on until they have been arranged. By defining them as templates I can easily set them for any date.

Address-book categories

Addresses can be filed in any number of user-definable categories. The display can then be set to display only a selection of these catagories.

Address book categories
User-definable export

User-definable export

You can write your own export scripts which define the format for exporting the addresses, notes, alarms and anniversaries.

Scripts are supplied for common formats including simple text lists, HTML, Impression, CSV, vCard, etc.

Complete list of changes since version 1.43: