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Organizer, Version 1.55

Organizer version 1.55 was released to registered users on 1st April 2001 as a free upgrade to version 1.50,

The new features are:

Improved Address-book

The main new feature since
version 1.50 is an improved address-book. This includes:
  • Home and Work addresses. The small 'H' and 'W' tabs at the top of the adjacent screenshot give access to separate home and work address, e-mails, phone numbers, etc.
  • User-definable fields. At the bottom of the adjacent screenshot you can see my ICQ number and Yahoo! ID. These have been entered into user-definable fields. You can define as many fields as you like.
  • Multiple e-mails, URLs, phone numbers, etc. As you can see, I've entered both my email addresses into my entry. Just by seperating them with a comma in the input field they are displayed individually and can both be clicked on to open your e-mail software.
  • Prefixes and Suffixes. You can also give each name distinct prefixes and suffixes, without having to to enter them into the firstname or surname field.
New address-book
New date select window

New Date Select window

The date select window has now been improved so that Mondays are always on the left and Sundays are always on the right.
This makes setting alarms much easier

Complete list of changes since version 1.50: