My Wacom tablet driven Mouse emulator:

flatMouse, Version 0.24beta (Feb 16th 1998)

As a follow-up to my WacomTest Wacom tablet test and configuration utility, I have written flatMouse, a freeware mouse emulator module that is driven by a Wacom tablet. flatMouse supports the Wacom IV and Wacom IVe command sets and ROM versions 1.2 and up of the UD series tablets. It doesn't have a SWI chunk allocated so pressure information cannot be passed on to other applications, and pointer tilt data is not currently utilised. However, flatMouse emulates all three RiscOS mouse buttons from the state of the three switches on the tablet's pointer, eg pen tip, lower barrel and upper barrel switches. It also provides up to 48 keyboard shortcuts derived from the tablet's function button menustrip, if available. flatMouse automatically adapts to the current VDU resolution and the tablet's X and Y co-ordinate range.

These are the basic features of flatMouse:

Download the Wacom tablet driven Mouse emulator. v0.24beta (12K Sparkive). Download the Mouse emulator module and Help file. (7 K Sparkive). Download flatMouse's Help file only.

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