My test and configuration utility for Wacom tablets:

WacomTest, Version 1.02 (Feb 16th 1998)

WacomTest is an application for testing and configuring Wacom graphics tablets. It supports all the data formats transmitted by the digitiser and some of the more useful commands of the Wacom IV and Wacom IVe command sets. WacomTest is not compatible with Wacom II-s and Wacom IV tablets with ROM version prior to 1.2. The main reason for this is that there is only one tablet, an A5 UD-0608-R00 available to the author, so testing and debugging is not feasible for other types!
WacomTest is written in WimpBASIC and is provided as Freeware. It can be downloaled and distributed freely provided that no charge is made and it is not modified. For users of Clares' WimpBASIC the design file is available together with a Help file in the WacDes archive, otherwise a compiled application is available in the WacTst archive. A copy of WBModules, WimpBASIC's runtime module (72 Kb) is also provided in the WBMod archive. This is needed by all WimpBASIC applications and the latest version can be downloaded from the dedicated WimpBASIC website.

These are the basic features of WacomTest:

Download the Wacom tablet test and configuration utility. v1.02 (51K Sparkive). Download the compiled WacomTest application.

WacDes v1.02 (38K Sparkive). Download WacomTest's WimpBASIC design and Help file. (9 K Sparkive). Download WacomTest's Help file only. (69K Sparkive). Download WBModules v2.00.

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