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When I bought my A3010 I knew that the only way to have the data storage I need would be to use SCSI instead of IDE or EIDE. Contain in this page is some of the 'hidden' knowledge that you only aquire by experimentation.

Even before I bought my first SCSI card and harddrive I was interested in this way of connecting peripherals to my computer. I first bought a HCCS micropoudle and a SCSI card to put in it along with a CT Combo case with 1GB hard drive and 2x cd drive. Since then the original harddrive has been replaced (unfortunately it died on me :-() and I now have a Castle Technology SCSI card connected to 2 1GB hard drives, the original 2x CD drive a new 8x CD drive all isnide 2 combo cases. I also have an external SyQuest EzFlyer (230Mb).

  1. Castle Technology SCSI card
  2. Combo Cases (from Castle Technology)
  3. Fixing Kits (from Castle Technology)


Castle Technology SCSI card


Under RISC OS 3.1 partitioning drives is not necessarily straight forward. The program Setup (the piece of software that manages the SCSI card and attached drives) does not allow the last partition of a drive to be greater than 500Mb. So that means that if you have a 1010Mb HD and wanted to split it in half (505Mb each, you would end up with 505Mb + 500Mb - not what you wanted.

As it is, there is no way to change this, and the responce from CT is that there are not going to alter the operation of Setup in this circumstance. The onyl thing to do is to ensure that the last paritition on any drive, is 500Mb, or less.

It must be noted that this 'feature' is only limited to the partitioning program Setup. SCSIFS, SCSIHandler and SCSIFiler modules will handle partitions upto the limit supported by the Operating System. In the case of RiscOS 3.1, this is 512Mb


Combo Cases (from Castle Technology)

Power Supply


You can get replacement power supplies from CT for 15 UKP. They are quite straight forward to replace, but I do recomend that you remove the drive(s) currently in the case before trying to replace the power supply.


Fixing Kits (from Castle Technology)


These kits will give you a common front end to your harddrive(s). Although I'm pretty sure that they were not designed for use in the combo cases, that is where I have installed them.

00      Direct-access    1034.24 Mb     IBM     DPES-31080      S31Q
01      Read-only       ??????Mb        MATSHITACD-ROM CR-503   1.0f
02      Direct-access    1010.67 Mb     SEAGATE ST31055N        0532
03      Read-only       ??????Mb        PHILIPS PCA80SC         V4-9
04      Direct-access     219.99 Mb     SyQuest EZ230S          7220
07      Host                            Castle  SCSI 8 bit I/F  3.09

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