Project Sunflower Temporary Logo

1st September 1998

Project Sunflower, a member of the Acorn Webring, is dedicated to producing high quality, free, games for powerful 32-bit Acorn computers.
From the original A310 to the new Phoebe 2100, we cater for all machines. We believe no-one should be prevented from playing new games because of their budget or computer system.

Through a recent survey of prominent freeware and commercial games developers we have learned what makes games authors 'tick'. All this information will is being compiled and analysed to assist us in our main task, to create the ultimate games development system on any computer platform. In addition to this development work, we hope to promote those freeware authors who have already written games.

All source code for the Sunflower development suite will be posted to the website as it is completed, for bug-testing and comments.

Anyone who has any interest in Acorn games please contact Project Sunflower by email at, or by snail-mail at

Project Sunflower
c/o Nathan Briggs
24 Spinney Drive
Cheswick Green
West Midlands
B90 4HB