Project Sunflower

What is Project Sunflower
Project Sunflower is the name of a games development project for fast, powerful Acorn RISC OS computers. All games writen with Project Sunflower development tools are free for your enjoyment.

Who is in Project Sunflower?
Project Sunflower is run by Acorn enthusiast and programmer Nathan Briggs from his fmaily home in the West Midlands on his A4000 computer. Many Acorn developers have joined in the Sunflower cause, including R-Comp Interactive, Acorn Arcade, Skullsoft and Kiwisoftware!

Project Sunflower's aims
Project Sunflower aims to rejuvenate the flagging Acorn games market with an injection of free and #nearly-free, high-quality games. It will do this by creating a range of powerful and easy-to-use tools to enable virtually anyone to create their own computer games.

The Project Sunflower mailing list
A convienent way for you to get adavnce information, as well as been given a chance to influence to direction of Project Sunflower. To join the mailing list send an email with a subject of "SIGNON" to

Who should join Project Sunflower?
Anyone who has any interest at all in playing games on their Acorn 32-bit RISC computer. You don't have to be a 'techie', people with fertile imaginations and artists are just as essential (after all, everybody know programmers can't draw :-). To join the mailing list send an email with a subject of "SIGNON" to

Why bother?
With Acorn's recent announcement it was moving out of the desktop computer market, some people may be wondering "why bother?" I say bother because rescue plans are already underway, in the form of Project Phoenix, and many people don't want to leave their existing computer. We have a duty to make games for them. I am one of these people.