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  • South West Show is fast approaching 17-Jan-2018
    The South-West Show, the premier RISC OS Show in the South-West, is fast approaching....
  • BBC BASIC Reference Manual updated 12-Jan-2018
    ROOL continues on its mission to bring RISC OS and its documentation up to date with a thoroughly revised and updated version of the BBC BASIC Referen...
  • ArtWorks 2.X3 released 05-Jan-2018
    The London Show saw the welcome return of Martin and the latest update to Artworks. You could buy this as the show and from the website.
  • December News round-up 29-Dec-2017
    Some things we noticed in the RISC OS world this month. What did you see?
  • RISC OS interview with Richard Keefe 24-Dec-2017
    As an early Christmas present, we bring you an interview with Richard Keefe who tests us all about his plans for Impression as well as how he got into...
The RISC OS Blog
More RISC OS news at the mailing list of the Acorn News Service (ANS).

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