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ccdoc is a command line orientated, simple to use tool for generating HTML documentations from C/C++ header files, i.e. a kind of javadoc for C/C++ developers. ccdoc has been developed and ported to several plattforms by Joe Linoff. Thankfully Joe made the source code of his ccdoc accessible to the public. So other people could (and can) port ccdoc also to further plattforms.

ccdoc for RISC OS

The current RISC OS version of ccdoc v0.1.3 May 2002 is a port of Joe Linoff's ccdoc version v0.8 r26 2001/11/28.

Please note: ccdoc requires long file names. Users of RISC OS 4.xx not using a F+ formated harddisc or users of RISC OS 3.xx have to use an appropriate tool that enables long file names on those systems (for example raFs).

Copyright, Status of the RISC OS Version of ccdoc and some credits

ccdoc is Copyright (C) by Joe Linoff. The status of the RISC OS version of ccdoc corresponds in all aspects the status of Joe Linoff's original ccdoc version v0.8 r26, the RISC OS version is based on.

And here's the right place for some credits. Thanks to

Download for RISC OS (409KB)


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