These are the tools to process the pictures. They can be split into three groups: The painting tools like the pencil and the spray gun, special effects like sharping and smearing and, finally, tools to move the picture or to obtain information from it.

In the bottom part of the toolbox you can see the currently selected tool. A feature of DA's Picture is that you can use different tools, colours and pencil shapes with the left and right mouse button. If you feel that isn't very RISC OS-like, you could always set the right button to the Restore function to use as a 'rubber' to erase or undo unwanted modifications to the painting.

The dotted line under the currently-selected tool shows the drawing mode. The best way to understand this is to test each with the pencil tool. Draw a line quickly and you will see the difference. There is a third mode where you can define a line in the document. Painting will then be executed along this path. Below this icon you can see which colour is currently selected for each mouse button. The individual tools are described below.:




This is the normal pencil/brush tool. You can change the form of the brush as you can see on the right.
Of course, you can select different forms and pressures for the right and left mouse button separately.

This is the crayon. The difference from the normal pen is that you don't colour but tone parts of the picture. For example if you tone the picture blue it will look like it would through a blue piece of glass.

This is the typical tool, and works as you would expect it to.

With the copypen you can clone parts of the picture to insert it somewhere else. This works within one picture and between different pictures. So you can move certain elements of different pictures to create collages (???). If you remove an object from the picture you can refill the white area with this tool. You define the starting point with the right SHIFT key and a mouse click. You can then use the pencils as normal.

You can use the finger to smear the picture. It's like you use your real finger and move it over a fresh picture.

With this tool you can sharpen some areas of the picture. If you want to sharpen the whole picture, though, use the filters because it is much faster and you can choose different levels of sharpening. Please use it carefully or else you will see mathematical patterns.

This tool blurs the picture. You can use it to remove visible edges in the picture as they can be left after using the copypen.

You can add some noise to the picture. This makes sense if you paste an object into the picture. Even monotone coloured objects aren't really monotone on a photo. They have random brightness and colour differences. With this tool you can add them to a too monotone area.

As you would guess you can Fill parts of the picture with a colour using this tool.

Magic wand
With the magic wand you can mask (see "misc") objects. It tries to recognise which areas of the picture belong together (because they have nearly the same colour) and so you can protect even complicated objects from being altered. If you want to use it "edit mask" must be ticked in the main menu (info submenu).

It often happens that you use a tool in the wrong way or at the wrong place and you would like to restore it. One possibility is to restore the whole picture by pressing F8. If you just want to restore it locally you can use this tool. May be it is a good idea to put this tool on the right mouse button so that you can use it direct if necessary.

Stamps are more than just inserting a little picture at a certain place. Some stamps do have special effects like adding brightness or changing colours. A collection of stamps can be found in the archive. To activate a stamp you have to drag & drop it on the toolbar! There is no preview for stamps so you have to test them.

Area tool
With the area tool you can select an area and move, stretch and squeeze it. I couldn't find out how it works so if you have an idea just contact me.

The distance between two points is displayed in the info window.

Colour display
This tool shows the intensity of the three colours red, blue and green.

With this tool you can select the colour of a pixel in the picture and make it your current colour.

Window area
If the whole picture doesn't fit into the window you can move it around with this tool.

You can scale the picture with the magnifier. You can double the scale with the left button and half it with the right. The scale will be displayed in the titlebar of the window.