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About ArtSprites


Program ArtSprites, Artworks Sprites
Purpose Provide new sprites for Artworks
Version 1.00, Wednesday the 23rd of February, 2000
Author Philip Ludlam, © 2000


Installing ArtSprites


Once downloaded these sprites need to be installed inside Artworks. To do this double click on the file !Install. In order for this to work the filer must know where Artworks is on your computer. In other words, the filer must have seen where Artworks is or the system variable Artworks$Dir must be set to point to Artworks.

To add sprites for the !HatchPro module


About ArtSprites


ArtSprites is still being developed. I do appreciate ideas for its development and bug reports.

ArtSprites is freeware. It may be freely distributed so long as no charge is made for the program itself (excluding media costs). If you distribute ArtSprites on a CD compilation or such-like then you must contact me for the latest version.

There is no warranty, either expressed or implied, and ArtSprites is not guaranteed fit for use in any situation. I (the author) take no responsibility for any (mis)use of ArtSprites by you (the user) and can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by doing so.

ArtSprites and more of my programs are available from If you find a bug in any of my programs or have ideas for their improvement then please contact me at or through my web site.

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