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I've been writing software since I borrowed a book of BASIC programming from my local library and started programming on my BBC Master. Since then I've progressed to machines code, 6502 and recently 8086, BASIC 5, on the Archimedes, and ADA, for university. I have collated all my Archimedes programs (and 'utilities') that I have deemed fit and put them on my website.


My RISC OS Extensions


I can still remember the days I spent playing around with icons and designing new ones during my first few years at secondary school. Nowadays I find myself doing this less and less, but that's probably because I have customised my computer as far as I want to. To this end I have produced a few enhantments or extensions to pieces of software like Artworks and Director, and you can fins out more on my extensions page.


My StrongED Extras


Ever since discovering StrongED way back in 1996 I have been interested in getting to grips with the program. This has lead me to develop several modes that I have used when doing my coursework. For the last few months I have also been writing the "StrongED-On-Line Offline" column in Archive. You can find out more here.




I wouldn't claim to know everything about Acorn machines, but over the years I have accumulated a range of unusual pieces of information, that you may be interested in. For instance did you realise that there is a "black art" in getting Impression Publisher or Style to run (especially with the new !System directory) and did you realise that ChangeFSI doesn't like the new WIMP manager on machines with Risc OS 3.1. To find out more and to solve these problems click here.

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