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Program  Reversi, Reversi / Othello   [Reversi] [Download]
Purpose  Play Reversi / Othello
Version  1.01 Beta, Monday the 4th of October 1999
Author  Philip Ludlam, © 2000


Installing Reversi


Once downloaded Reversi will run quite happily from an archive as long as you are using SparkFS, even if the archive is on a CD ROM. If not then you will have to unarchive Reversi using SparkPlug on to disc, you may want to put with any other games you have.


Playing A Game


Double click on !Reversi to run and once loaded it will open the main playing board above a status window.

The main board is an empty 8x8 board for and the status window shows the name, skill and score of the current players.
To change the name of a player click with select on the name you want to change type in the new name and press RETURN.
To change the skill of a player click with menu on the name and choose the rating required.

Below are the rules for Reversi.
The computer will beep if you try to place a piece that does not trap any of your opponents pieces, as it would be an illegal move, and it beeps if you try to place a piece and it is the computers turn.


Reversi / Othello Rules


  1. Black moves first.
  2. The four center square or cells must be filled first (and are not subject to the rule below)
  3. Every move a disc must be placed next to an opponents and this disc must trap an opponents disc or discs. These trapped pieces will then be turned over to your colour.

  1. Each player takes turns playing until the board is full or there is only one colour left on the board.
  2. If a player cannot move then play passes to his opponent.
  3. If neither player can move then the one with the most pieces is the winner.
  4. If the board becomes full then the person with the most pieces is the winner.


Interactive Help


Reversi does support interactive help as used by applications like Help and BubbleHelp.


To Do


  • Add support for saving scores
  • Add more intelligent opponents




1.00 (22nd Feb 1999)
First release
1.01 (4th Oct 1999)
Fixed messages file - so it didn't crash if it was a draw.


About Reversi


Reversi is still being developed. I do appreciate ideas for its development and bug reports.

Reversi is freeware. It may be freely distributed so long as no charge is made for the program itself (excluding media costs). If you distribute Reversi on a CD compilation or such-like then you must contact me for the latest version.

There is no warranty, either expressed or implied, and Reversi is not guaranteed fit for use in any situation. I (the author) take no responsibility for any (mis)use of Reversi by you (the user) and can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by doing so.

Reversi and more of my programs are available from If you find a bug in any of my programs or have ideas for their improvement then please contact me at or through my web site.

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