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[HTML] StrongED Mode  HTML [Download]
Purpose  Provide support for HTML under StrongED
Version  0.21 Beta, Saturday the 6th of May, 2000
Author  Philip Ludlam, © 2000


Installing the StrongED HTML Mode


Once downloaded the StrongED HTML Mode needs to be installed in StrongED. To do this you need to copy the application '!HTML' to the !StrEd_cfg.Modes directory and you also need to add the following text to the !StrEd_cfg.ModeWhen file after the comments at the top of the file. You then need quit and restart StrongED.

! faf,**
! , **/htm **/html
< *, ** ; _html




The HTML mode makes use of several new features introduced in version 4.53 of StrongEd. Please make sure that you are using 4.53 or later before installing this HTML mode.


The Toolbar


Below there is a brief description of what each icon does. It goes from left to right.

  1. Start StrongHelp
  2. Show List of files dialogue box
  3. Check Spelling
  4. Open Choices window
  5. Open Save file window

  6. Show List Of Found dialogue box
  7. Run HTML file
  8. Heading 1
  9. Heading 2
  10. Heading 3
  11. Strong
  12. Emphasis
  13. Italic
  14. Bold
  15. Font
  16. Paragraph
  17. Anchor
  18. Text to HTML converter


The Menu



The Shortcuts


The HTML mode gives you several shortcuts that you can use to make HTML editing easier.


Interactive Help


The StrongEd HTML Mode does support interactive help as used by applications like Help and BubbleHelp.


To Do

  • Add more features and improve the documentation :-).
  • Incorperate a text HTML conversion routine
  • Use the Messages files
  • Convert from HTML to text




First release


About My StrongED HTML Mode


The StrongED HTML Mode is still being developed. I do appreciate ideas for its development and bug reports.

The StrongED HTML Mode is freeware. It may be freely distributed so long as no charge is made for the program itself (excluding media costs). If you distribute the StrongED HTML Mode on a CD compilation or such-like then you must contact me for the latest version.

There is no warranty, either expressed or implied, and the StrongED HTML Mode is not guaranteed fit for use in any situation. I (the author) take no responsibility for any (mis)use of the StrongED HTML Mode by you (the user) and can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred by doing so.

The StrongED HTML Mode and of my stronged more are available from If you find a bug in any of my stronged or have ideas for their improvement then please contact me at or through my web site.

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