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Ever since obtaining Browse, Acorn's web browser, and installing it along with the new Window Manager, ChangeFSI has both delighted and frustrated me - along with other programs that fall into the same trap as ChangeFSI.

  1. <ChangeFSI$Dir>
  2. Creating and Viewing JPEGs
  3. The Nested WIMP




This is only for the people using ChangeFSI via the command line.

If you have a program or script that repeatedly calls ChangeFSI then you may want to set <ChangeFSI$Dir>.
Note : This variable is set if the filer has seen !ChangeFSI.
To do this :

If "<ChangeFSI$Dir>" = "" Then Set <ChangeFSI$Dir> [Path to ChangeFSI].!ChangeFSI

You may also want to set up an alias for "ChangeFSI" that will run the program.
Note : This requires <ChangeFSI$Dir> to be set (see above)
To do this :

Set Alias$ChangeFSI <ChangeFSI$Dir>.ChangeFSI %*0


Creating and Viewing JPEGs


If you are using Risc OS 3.1 and want to see the JPEGs then you need to load the two JPEG modules first. They are supplied as part of the new !System/boot sequence (AU issue 200 cover CD Rom) and also supplied with Acorn's Java and Browse.

The need to be loaded like this : N.B. the code doesn't work. I'm working on the proper solution.
If you want a stop gap method then load Browse and then quit it as this will load (and initialise?) the JPEG modules.

RMEnsure SpriteExtend 0.99 RMEnsure JPEGMsgs 0.00 RMLoad System:Modules.JPEGMsgs
RMEnsure SpriteExtend 0.99 RMEnsure JPEGRender 0.00 RMLoad System:Modules.JPEGRender

If you want ChangeFSI to create JPEGs (via the command line) then you need to load the JPEG compression module first.

RMEnsure CompressJPEG 0.04 RMLoad <ChangeFSI$Dir>.JCompMod


The Nested WIMP


The latest version of ChangeFSI is 1.15. If you are running the nested WIMP then it automatically assumes that you're running Risc OS 3.5 or later, which is not always the case. The code below allows ChangeFSI to work on all versions of Risc OS with or without the nested WIMP :

225SYS "XOS_SWINumberFromString",,"OS_Memory" TO ;f%
226IF f% AND 1=1 THEN version%=310

You should be able to insert these two line with any decent text editor. You may also want to keep a backup copy of the the 'ChangeFSI' file in case you make a mistake. If you do have trouble then email me ( and I will send you the altered version.

Note : Due to various rules/regulations distributing the altered version of ChangeFSI over the web is frowned upon. However, considering what's happened at Acorn I doubt they care any more. If things go to plan (particuarly with RISC OS Ltd.) I will try to get this fix into the official version of ChangeFSI.

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