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The Impression software family is a suite of desktop publishing packages each aimed different types of users. For many years Impression, and in particular Impression Style, stood as the 'de-faco' DTP package but since the withdrawal of Computer Concepts from the Acorn market, other package have been produced which better it in many respects.

  1. Impression Junior
  2. Impression's Spell Checker
  3. Getting Impression to run


Impression Junior


Impression Junior is the equivalent of an early version of Impression Style. Computer Concepts have now declared it as freeware and is available, without any restrictions, from Computer Concepts website.

With Impression Junior Includes a spell checking module that can be incorperated into other programs (see below). Even though it is not as powerfull as the likes of Impression Publisher or OvationPro it still is a usefull and compact DTP package with many of the features found in modern software.
Note : If you are using it on a RISC PC or an A7000(+) or later strange things can happen. This can alleviated if you change to an old-style mode number (like mode 28 or 31).


Impression's Spell Checker


Impression's Spell Checker is a very versatile piece of software. Not only can it be incorperated into other programs it offers a whole host of facilities which are also available to the average programmer. StrongHelp manuals documenting the SWI calls that can be made to the Spell module can be found at

The appropriate file is : !Junior.RMStore.!SpellMod and this can used along with other software packages. This includes StrongEd, Zap and CDprofile.


Getting Impression to run


When starting out with Impression Style it can be daughting if it says that it is corrupt and that it needs reinstalling! When Impression Style starts it checks the date stamps of all the modules in the !System directory. If they do not agree then Impression Style will quit with the above error message.

Although there is no way to stop Impression Style from checking the modules you don't have to go to the bother of reinstalling the whole application. All you require !StyleInit which should have been on the installation discs, if not then contact Computer Concepts.

Before continuing, make sure that your !System directory is up to date with the latest modules. If you are using Browse or Java from Acorn may want to run the installer again so that just the modules are updated.Also make sure that the file CMYKPal is also inside the !System directory.

Now run the program !StyleInit. Type in your registeration name and press Enter. If an error occurs saying 'Bad file name ".Resources.Control" at line 14' then you must run Impression Style and then try !StyleInit.

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