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Simply put, the GoldLine CD is an upgradable re-writable CD Rom. This CD is sent back to Abacus Training and is returned within a few days having the latest articles and information on it. The website that I produce is a front to the articles information already on it.

I can't remember when I got caught up in doing the GoldLine website, but I can remember how. What got me started was when Gerald ask for help in giving the CD a HTML front end to it as a way of spicing up its appearance and giving it a more professional look. I sent off an e-mail to Gerald giving him a few pointers on how he could do it. It was only when I upgrade my disc subsequently that his message had changed from a request for help into a plea for someone to do a website. It was at this point that I e-mailed him saying that I would do it.

In case you are wondering, I haven't finished the task of linking to all the website. The current statistics are 99 unreferenced files (2 html pages, one of them is my template page for the website, 8 images and 1 text, the readme/txt file about the website). You will be glad to know that no pages lead nowhere, well locally at least, and that there are 61 failed links (these are either to files/applications within archives (accessible through SparkFS) or from my links from my template page).

Currently I the process of going through all the back discs of ILine and Gerald's Column, having recently finished the discs for PipeLine 4 and ZLine.

The future developments for the website include no fancy scripts, graphics or frames for that matter. To link to all the files on the disc.

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