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As an option in my second year I chose to do INETA, which stands for Internetwork Organisation and Applications. As part of this subject I had to produce a website about endangered species of animals. The website that I produced can be found at extract of the coursework specification appears below :


Create a website consisting of three linked web pages. Your pages should include, within the text, at least 10 links to other sites which contain information about this topic.

Your site should include frames, images and lists and should follow the guidelines for good Web page and site design.

Use a maximum of 8 letters for filenames and three letters for the extension. Filenames are case sensitive on Unix.

Your web pages should be viewable with no scrolling ... and should be able to be displayed on the Netscape Navigator browser.


We were given three web address for use when creating our website. These are :

The address was given to us to use as a tutorial for gauging the quality of a website.
For issues regarding the scanability of each page, we were given the address
The address was given to us in connection with good web page and site design

The assessment was based on the explanation or demonstration of :

  1. Content : relevance, clarity, adherence to the scanability guidelines. [30%]
  2. Usability : compliance with guidelines for good design e.g. layout, consistency, context, use of colour, fonts, background etc. [25%]
  3. HTML features : good use of frames, images, lists and advanced HTML features. [25%]
  4. Usefullness and descriptions of existing WWW page to which student's own pages are linked. [20%]

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