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For each web master in his time has to write about himself
Until he travels along the wire
And envisages the web site he would like to build
A long lost visitor within his reach.

(To the tune of "The One", with apologies to Elton John and Bernie Taupin)

Currently I am in my third year studying Business Information Systems at Portsmouth University. The course I am doing is a four years in length with the third spent working in the computer industry, earning money. As I now have my second year results I am in the process of updating my CV (Curriculum Vitae) with these details.

I was born and raised in Bracknell, Berkshire - well technically I was born in a hospital in Ascot. I attended the schools in Great Hollands and went to Easthampsted Park (Secondary) School where I stayed on to do my A-Levels.

My interests include computers, science fiction and music. At home I have an A3010 which I do most of my web design work on. I also have a PC which dual boots into Windows and Linux. Currently I do not have these machines networked, but that is something I would like to accomplish.

I am the current secretary for the Portsmouth Science Fiction Society and can thankfully say that I have had nothing to do with their website. I am also a member of Pompogs (POrtsMouth Polytechnic Organisation of Guides and Scouts).

I like a range of music. This is everything from pop, dance, ambient, trance, house, rave and techno. I like artists like Elton John, Travis, Ooberman, Age of Love, Storm, Brainbug, ATB, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Enigma, Paul Van Dyk and Moby. I usually look out for release on Incentive, Perfecto, 48K, Hoojs Choons, CodeBlue, AM:PM, Positiva, React and Xtravaganza. Last year I went to V99.

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