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My first website was started in 1994/95 just after I had purchased a book on HTML 2/3. It had a light grey background and some cheesy ray-traced graphics. As this was around the time I was doing my GCSE's it became a way of trying to revise whilst doing a website at the same time. Needless to say it didn't work out and so it under went a re-think, and re-design.

At the time when I was into re-doing my website in a different way (white text on a black background) I heard about this website called ArcSite which was offering free webspace (with no annoying ad banners) for Acorn users. After signing up for this the redesigning went on at a pace and I ended up with a rather strange website, full of 'to do' things, a non working JavaScript iconbar and an awful lot of frames.

Slowly but surely my frustration with ArcSite increased. I often experienced a slow connection to it and on many occasions were unable to connect to it, so that I could update my website. At some point surfing my first year at University I did some research into free web space on the Internet and discovered Tripod. In fact I discovered, but then changed to as I couldn't do nested directories on the UK variant. This was when the website under went a significant re-design, although not as thorough as before and I tried to produce different versions for HTML 3.2 and 2 and a plain text one as well.

Doing this was interesting, but difficult to maintain. Although in the course of doing this I did write a program that would update the non frame page from its respective main frame and with a few modifications I will make it available from my programs section.

At the end of January I bought the web address, which was after previously acquiring the address through Free Net Name ( About a month later I transferred the domain to EasySpace ( in order to have a dedicated pop3 account for this address.

Shortly after that I bought a second hand 33.6 external modem so that I could access the internet in Linux. It also meant that I could send and receive e-mails on the RISC OS side as well. By that stage I had signed up with Cable and Wireless Internet ( for net access and so I configured Linux to dial into them.

That setup lasted until October when I yet again changed web servers. This time it was Portland Communications ( who I changed to. This change did mean that I lost the pop3 account and had to go for e-mail forwarding, but I didn't mind that.

Currently I am in the process of learning PERL and to some extend JavaScript. My main aim at the minute is to get a working feedback script working, and then try and do a CGI counter.

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