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The SMCS website was done as the coursework for AS-Level Computing at Sixth form. It was started around 1997/98 after having a talk with my mother. She had been going on about a new emphasise on multimedia in the National Curriculum and I had remarked that HTML/notepad and a drawing package could be used instead of an expensive and time consuming multimedia authoring package. She jumped at the chance and said "Could your coursework teach the children HTML?". This was an intriguing idea, but hardly practical considering the emergence of HTML authoring packages. Instead it was suggested that I could do the school's website.

I approached my teacher, Mr. Nalty, who liked the idea, and as it turned out James, a fellow student, was also doing a website for his fathers company, Lucas Graphics. The actual project was unremarkable aside from the fact that I had to get used to working with, and around, FrontPage. The only thing that I like about FrontPage is that I can easily check the spelling and the links between pages.

The idea was that after I had done the website that maintainance of the site would be taken over by the school, and I had written a 50 plus page manual to this extent. Unsurprisingly though I have had to maintain the website and even move it to another web server due to the NGfL (National Grid for Learning). Currently the website can be found at

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