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This is the website that you're currently looking at. I started this some time ago and it is currently undergoing some changes.


St. Margaret Clitherow


This is the website for St. Margaret Clitherow School. This website was originally done in 1997/98 for my mothers primary school as my AS-Level Computing coursework. I obtained an 'A' for the coursework, and a 'B' overall for the subject.




This website was started after a plea from Gerald Fitton of Abacus Training for help in HTMLising the GoldLine disc. My first e-mail to him on the subject contained a few pointers on taking the Impression documents and putting them into HTML. By the time I had updated my disc again his plea was for someone to do a website for the CD. It was at this point that I offered my services.


Internet Applications


As one of my second year options at University I chose to do Internet Applications. The coursework for this unit was to produce a website on endangered animals.

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