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  • David Pilling Treasure Trove 18-Jan-2019
    If you are looking to learn about software, there is a treasure trove of source code and resources available on the Internet.
  • South-West Show Q and A 11-Jan-2019
    With the South-West Show a month away, we hunted down the organisers for some more details....
  • 3 key dates for your diary in 2019 04-Jan-2019
    While you are still in New Year's resolution mode, there are 3 key dates which should be in your diary for 2019. We are very lucky in the RISC OS Worl...
  • December news 28-Dec-2018
    Some things we noticed this month. What did you see?
  • RISC OS interview with Chris Williams 24-Dec-2018
    For your Christmas treat this year, we have an interview with Chris Williams, of Drobe and The Register fame. Enjoy and a very Merry Christmas from Ic...
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