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  • Font Directory Pro moves to 3.23 13-Jul-2018
    Elesar have released an updated version of Font Directory Pro. As the version number suggests, this is just an incremental update. It does add one rea...
  • CashBook and other goodies 06-Jul-2018
    Steve Fryatt is a well-known face in the RISC OS world and a regular fixture at RISC OS shows where his stand always has lots of interesting software.
  • June News Round-up 29-Jun-2018
    Some things we noticed this month. What did you see?
  • !Organizer updated to 2.28a 22-Jun-2018
    A surprise release at Wakefield 2018 was an updated version of !Organizer (2.28a). As the number suggests, this is an incremental update to fix bugs a...
  • Getting started with Bash on RISC OS 15-Jun-2018
    There are lots of hidden treasures to try for free in PackMan (see our review from 2017). In this article we are going to go into more depth with Bash...
The RISC OS Blog
  • Under the Microscope: Equinox 06-Jul-2018
    Space shooter Equinox from Jason Tribbeck has an interesting and long history behind it. It initially began life in 1992, being developed for the Acor...
  • Zero Page Protection: The shift towards RISC OS running on multiple cores 05-Jun-2018
    A few years ago, RISC OS Open announced that a large number of applications would soon no longer be able to access the ARM vectors, kernel workspace, ...
  • A look at RISC OS 5.24 stable 22-May-2018
    RISC OS 5.24 stable is now out for all to take advantage of the 708 changes since 2015’s 5.22 stable release. 20 or so of those changes would be con...
  • Just like magic: RISC OS on the Wandboard 08-May-2018
    A development image of RISC OS 5.25 for the iMX6-based Wandaboard is now available to download from RISC OS Open’s site, which adds another low-cost...
  • Under the Microscope: Aemulor 17-Apr-2018
    After the release of the Iyonix PC in 2002, RISC OS started moving from 26-bit architecture towards 32-bit. Nowadays all modern RISC OS machines are 3...

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